Connecticut murder victim Valerie Reyes may have predicted her own death, but family doesn’t know why she was so scared

The young woman who was found dead inside a suitcase in a wealthy Connecticut town appears to have predicted her own murder — but her family doesn’t understand why the 24-year-old woman who stayed out of trouble was so afraid.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Greenwich Police identified the homicide victim found Tuesday morning as Valerie Reyes of New Rochelle, who was last seen on December 29 and reported missing on December 30. According to the Greenwich Time, authorities have not determined where the young woman was murdered, and it may take several weeks before a medical examiner confirms a cause of death.

In the immediate days before Reyes vanished, her mother Norma Sanchez says she was paranoid and fearful. Sanchez told the New York Times that her daughter was extremely anxious during a phone call on December 28, the day before she disappeared.

“She was going on about how frightened she was in that apartment,” Sanchez told the newspaper. “She was hearing about all these murders of women. ‘I just can’t get it out of my head.’”

“I feel like somebody’s going to murder me,” Reyes said, according to her mother.

Sanchez told earlier this week that Reyes had broken up with her boyfriend less than a week before she disappeared, but in interviews with that outlet and the New York Times, the grieving mother indicated that Reyes was not feeling threatened by the ex-boyfriend — and later on the night of January 28, Reyes reportedly told her mother she was feeling much better.

But Reyes did not report to work at her job at Barnes and Noble in Eastchester the next day. Her concerned family hired a private investigator who, according to, took a photo of Reyes in Manhattan on January 31; her bank card was also reportedly used that day, but it is not know who used it.

“We were hoping that maybe she just wanted to isolate herself and be alone,” Sanchez told the New York Times.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Greenwich police at 203-622-3333 or email