Caretakers who allegedly fatally beat tot girl with belt as a ‘lesson’ for wetting herself face murder charges

Authorities in Texas have charged two people with capital murder for allegedly beating a 2-year-old girl to death with a belt in November.

According to The Dallas Morning NewsShamonica Jackson, 34, and Derick Roberson, 38, were indicted on one count each of capital murder of a person under 10 years old for the death of Aniyah Darnell. Court records charged that Jackson had been watching the toddler for several months and she and Roberson “intentionally or knowingly” caused her death.

Darnell was pronounced dead after police reportedly found her at the home with serious injuries. Citing an affidavit, KTVT reported that Jackson admitted to striking the toddler with a belt numerous times as punishment and claimed she was the only one to strike her with a belt or hand.

Previously, The Morning News reported that Jackson said she beat the toddler as a “lesson” for repeatedly wetting her clothes. Darnell’s family told the news outlet that the 2-year-old was on the receiving end of torture which ended with her murder.

Jackson allegedly told police that Darnell sustained a serious burn injury on her buttocks which she treated with “home remedies” and did not seek medical care. She also confessed to striking the 2-year-old on her bottom though she was already suffering from the burn, according to KTVT.

Jackson remains jailed on $50,000 bond. KTVT reported that Roberson remains free as he also faces capital murder charges. His role in the toddler’s death remains unclear.

[Feature photo: Aniyah Darnell/KTRK video screengrab]