‘My KKK friends will burn your family’: Florida woman goes on racist tirade against cop

“My KKK friends will burn your family.”

That was one of several racially charged threats a Florida woman allegedly made against a black sheriff’s deputy earlier this month when she was arrested for drunk driving, WFTS-TV reports.

Deputy Brandon King’s body camera was rolling and recorded the statements after he pulled over 53-year-old Julie Edwards during a traffic stop.

“You f***** with the wrong white people,” Edwards reportedly told the officer. “KKK’s got your a**, boy.”

She added that “n****rs should’ve never been let out of slavery,” that the Ku Klux Klan will post burning crossings at his home and that she hopes he has no children.

Edwards is also charged with resisting an officer without violence, threatening a law enforcement officer and refusing to submit for testing.

A police report obtained by the news outlet shows that King could smell alcohol on the woman’s breath and noticed that she was slurring speech and was unstable standing. She refused to be tested for alcohol consumption and sobriety.

Edwards appears to have begun threatening King while he was completing paperwork, according to the body camera footage, which can be viewed on Facebook.

“Deputy King is of African-American descent and knows the history behind the KKK and the pain and torture they have caused and still cause to African-Americans today,” the arrest report reads, according to the news outlet.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood praised King for keeping his composure during the incident.

“Kudos to Deputy King for his calm response to all the racist garbage this KKK Enthusiast could throw at him,” Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood told WFTS-TV. “All law enforcement officers learn to deal with people at their worst, but this level of ignorance is something else. Great job Deputy King and thank you to everyone condemning the hate in this video!”

The arrest reportedly occurred on February 8 and Edwards was jailed but has since been released. She has a court date scheduled March 6.