SEE IT: Inmates rescue toddler girl accidently locked in SUV using their car theft skills

“They know they made bad mistakes, bad choices, but they want to do the right thing in life.”

A group of inmates in Florida are being applauded for reportedly helping deputies rescue a 1-year-old baby girl from a locked vehicle.

The inmates were reportedly nearby Thursday when police responded to the West Pasco Judicial Center following reports that a baby girl was inadvertently locked inside a sports utility vehicle. There, deputies learned the girl’s father had locked the keys inside the vehicle and that the parents couldn’t afford a locksmith, according to NBC News.

A Pasco Sheriff’s Office Inmate supervisor who was supervising low-risk, nonviolent inmates while they repaired medians in the judicial center’s parking lot reportedly stepped in before officers broke the car’s front window. A video shows the baby’s father and some of the inmates prying the front door open as one of the inmates uses a coat hanger to press the SUV’s electronic lock.

A deputy can be heard telling the father to put his head in the window so his toddler daughter wouldn’t be frightened by strangers crowding the car.

The process reportedly took about two minutes and the group can be heard cheering once the girl’s freed from the car. Reports stated that the girl was unharmed.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told WFTS that this was an unorthodox situation in that it allowed inmates to use their unique, yet often illegal, skills in a noble manner. Meanwhile, the toddler’s mother told the news station that she’s working to determine the inmates’ identities so she can donate to their commissary accounts.

Nocco said, “There’s only a very small percentage of those criminals out there that want to fight us and want to attack us, but a lot of them, like these individuals, they know they made bad mistakes, bad choices, but they want to do the right thing in life.”

[Featured image: WFTS video screengrab (2)]