Dad confronts stepdaughter’s bully, slaps him in face for allegedly calling little girl a ‘transvestite,’ throwing rocks at her: Police

A Texas man was arrested after allegedly striking a 12-year-old boy who was reportedly bullying his stepdaughter as she walked home from school in a Deer Park neighborhood.

Police said James Olander Peace slapped the boy in the face with an open hand, causing red marks and swelling to his cheek and upper jaw. Speaking with KTRK, Peace’s wife claimed the boy and his friend were harassing and assaulting her 12-year-old daughter, who called them and asked for a ride home.

“[They were] saying that her body was ugly, said that she was a transvestite, started throwing ice cream at her and then they picked up the rocks,” the wife said.

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Police alleged that Peace was driving his stepdaughter home when he saw her tormentors and decided to confront them.

Deer Park Police Lieutenant Chris Brown said Peace yelled at the 12-year-old boy before hitting him in the face. He then threatened to beat the boy up if he told cops what happened, according to court records acquired by the news station.

Peace was charged with felony injury to a child. KTRK reported that investigators are reviewing surveillance camera footage which they said caught the assault.

Meanwhile, Peace’s wife said she understood he wanted to protect her daughter, but she can’t condone his actions.

“I do not agree with what he did. He took it too far, he did.”

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[Featured image: James Olander Peace/Handout]