Patrick Frazee pressured Idaho nurse and rodeo queen to kill Kelsey Berreth with drugged Starbucks, a steel rod, and a baseball bat: Report

At a preliminary hearing in the murder case against Patrick Frazee, accused of killing missing Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth, law enforcement officials have taken the witness stand, describing for the first time in detail the evidence against Frazee and the role of an Idaho nurse who pleaded guilty to destroying evidence.

As reported by KOAA, Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agent Gregg Slater testified in Teller County District Court on Tuesday, referring to witness statements made by Krystal Lee Kenney, now believed to be a recent romantic partner of Frazee’s, who reportedly considered murdering Berreth on three different occasions, at Frazee’s behest, and later helped clean up the crime scene after Frazee allegedly murdered Berreth in her home on November 22.

According to Slater’s testimony, Kenney said that Frazee asked her beginning this fall to kill Berreth, claiming that the 29-year-old pilot was abusive to Berreth and Frazee’s infant daughter.

The CBI agent said that Kenney told him Frazee first asked her to drug a Starbucks coffee and bring it to Berreth on September 23, 2018.

From KOAA:

“Kenney said that Frazee suggested poisoning a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks with Ambien and other drugs to kill Kelsey Berreth, she carried some of those drugs as a nurse. Kenney said she went to the Starbucks and drove to Berreth’s townhome on Sept. 23, 2018. That’s when Kenney told Slater she gave her the coffee, which she told investigators wasn’t drugged. Slater said Kenney told him she told Berreth that she was a neighbor and she wanted to thank Berreth for finding her dogs.

Slater said Kenney told him that she didn’t drug the drink because ‘she didn’t want to hurt her.’ Kenney said she texted Frazee afterward. Kenney told Slater that Frazee was angry. She said Frazee sent her an apology text later that day. According to Slater, Frazee told Kenney that there would be another chance.”

Kenney reportedly claimed that Frazee asked her again, this time in October, to kill Berreth with a steel rod provided by Frazee. According to Slater, she said she drove towards Berreth’s home but ultimately couldn’t go through with it. Later that month, Frazee allegedly told Kenney that she had another chance, and suggesting using a baseball bat to kill Berreth.

From KOAA:

“Slater says Kenney came back about a week after the Oct. 15 incident. She brought a bat from home, parked outside Kelsey’s home & waited. Kenney realized she couldn’t do it, left the property and says she drove past Kelsey to Frazee’s residence.”

Kenney reportedly told investigators that Frazee killed Berreth on November 22, and that she helped clean up the crime scene.

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