Friday Crime Stories: Two-timing nurse poisons hubby after sex-trysts behind bars with convicted killer?

Prison nurse Amy Murray may become prison inmate Amy Murray soon. The 40-year-old Missouri woman is accused of poisoning husband Joshua Murray with antifreeze before setting a fire in their Iberia home to make it appear he died in an accidental blaze.

Investigators believe Murray, who worked as a nurse at the Jefferson City Correctional Center, was motivated to kill by an affair she was carrying out with an inmate. Nancy Grace looks at the case with a panel of guests, including forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, medical examiner Dr. William Morrone, Atlanta lawyer and judge Ashley Willcott, and Crime Stories reporter John Lemley.

Prison nurse poisons husband with antifreeze, sets him on fire, to marry inmate convicted of murder: Cops

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[Featured Image: Amy Murray, Miller County Sheriff’s Office]