SILVER Alert: Pregnant woman unheard from since August, has possibly given birth in past week

Authorities in North Carolina have issued a SILVER Alert for a missing woman who they say has possibly given birth within in the past week.

WSOC-TV reported that Sasha Lee Naylor, 25, was last seen in August at 24677 Kates Drive in Albemarle. They believe she’s possibly traveling to Parkersburg, West Virginia, or Vincent, Ohio.

Officials said it’s possible that Naylor, who is from Ohio, has given birth in the past week. The news station reported that her mother doesn’t live in North Carolina and hasn’t heard from her daughter in some time, prompting the missing person report.

While it’s unknown whether Naylor’s in danger, officials said they’re treating her case with the “utmost concern.” The Stanly News & Press reported that the alert stated that she’s suffering from dementia or another cognitive ailment.

“We’ve been working the case actively,” Stanly County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Jeff Crisco said.

Crisco said they became aware of her disappearance in January when someone acting on behalf of Naylor’s mother contacted them. He said the alert was recently issued as she’s is close to giving birth or has done so within the past few days.

WSOC-TV reported that the expectant mother hasn’t checked into any area hospitals.

Naylor was described as being 5 feet, 3 inches tall, weighing 190 pounds, and having long red hair and hazel eyes.

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information regarding Sasha Lee Naylor’s whereabouts can call the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office at 704-986-3700.

[Featured image: Sasha Lee Naylor/Stanly County Sheriff’s Office]