R. Kelly allegedly seen choking, sodomizing teen in new sex tape

Shocking new details are emerging about a second sex tape reportedly showing R. Kelly with an underage girl.

As CrimeOnline reported, high-profile attorney Michael Avenatti said on Twitter Monday morning that he would be presenting Chicago prosecutors with a second tape involving Kelly and the same girl who was seen in the first tape, which was reportedly taken in 1999, when the girl was allegedly 14 years old. The latest tape in Avenatti’s possession was reportedly recorded one year later.

Sources reportedly told TMZ that Kelly is seen having anal intercourse with the teen girl while simultaneously choking her. At another point, Kelly is reportedly seen applying some type of spray location to the girl’s face, before he “mounts her from behind” and directs her face towards the camera.

In his Twitter post Monday morning, Avenatti did not say who had provided the second sex tape. Sources told TMZ that Avenatti’s team is expected to acquire a third tape. The details are not yet known.

Kelly was arrested and charged with ten counts of criminal sex abuse on Friday. As of Sunday, Kelly was still in custody as his lawyer said he was working to get the $100,000 cash required to release him on a $1 million deposit bond.


[Feature image: AP Photo/Jens Meyer]