Daycare connected to woman who paid R. Kelly’s bail getting bomb threats, owner says: ‘I’m just an innocent victim trying to run a business’

The woman who owns a Chicago daycare center that has been caught up in the news of R. Kelly’s arrest and conditional release says that Valencia Love, the woman who paid Kelly’s bail this week, has not been associated with the daycare since 2015.

The Daily Mail first reported that Love, a Chicago resident who on Monday paid the $100,000 cash bail required to secure Kelly’s release from custody, was listed as an owner of an area day care, which a newer report in the Daily Beast spells as Lordandchild Christian Day Care. Since the association was made public, the social media pages for the daycare have been inundated with angry, hateful, and threatening comments, the actual owner told the Daily Beast.

The owner, who asked not be identified, told the news outlet that Love never owned the day care, and was only ever on the board. Further, Love hasn’t worked with the daycare in years, the owner said.

“She hasn’t since 2015,” Lordandchild’s owner told the Daily Beast. “It’s like Trump says, they’re spreading fake news. I love the man. He may hate me because I’m black, but guess what, I love him because he honors the word of God.”

A registration record for the child care company, now expired, reportedly lists Love as the secretary.

“We’re not trying to hurt anybody. I’m just an innocent victim trying to run a business,” the owner said, adding that one commenter threatened to bomb the facility.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, an associate of Kelly’s told the Chicago Sun-Times that Love had meet Kelly only this past September, on a party cruise on Lake Michigan. Love has insisted in media interviews that the bail money she put up was not her own, but it is unclear who supplied it. A woman identifying herself as Love reportedly denied some claims the friend made about her relationship with Kelly, but the report didn’t specify what specifically she disputed.

Kelly was charged on Friday with 10 counts of criminal sexual conduct involving four alleged victims, three of them underage. He spent the weekend in jail before his release on Monday, and is prohibited from being in contact with females under the age of 18.


[Feature image: AP Photo/Frank Franklin II]