Friday Crime Stories: Evil babysitter disguises dead infant bundled in car seat & hands him to mommy

When Wisconsin mom Heather Gardner picked up her 2-month-old son from the babysitter on January 4, 2019, she thought little Benson was sleeping. The woman who was caring for the infant wrapped him up in winter clothes and strapped him in the car seat before handing him over to the mother.

A short time later, however, Gardner realized her son was dead. Prosecutors accused Marissa Tietsort of beating the baby to death before the mother arrived. Gardner did not know when she chose Tietsort as a babysitter that she had been banned from contact with children because of earlier child abuse accusations.

Nancy Grace looks at this shocking case with forensics expert Karen Smith, Atlanta lawyer and juvenile judge Ashley Willcott, psychologist Dr. William July, and syndicated radio host David Mack.

Pregnant babysitter beats infant to death, puts him in coat to try to hide her crime: Cops

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[Feature Photo: Marissa Tietsort, Marathon County Sheriff’s Office]