‘Go back to your country’: Prison for woman who beat 92-year-old Mexican grandfather with brick in unprovoked attack

The victim said he thought the prison sentence was too long. “Everyone makes mistakes.”

A California woman who beat a 92-year-old man with a brick as he took a walk will spend 15 years in prison for last year’s unprovoked attack.

Laquisha Jones, 30, pleaded no contest to elder abuse in late December for the Independence Day attack that left Rodolfo Rodriguez with a shattered jaw and two broken ribs. Jail records accessed by WMAQ stated that Jones was arrested six days afterward and has remained jailed since then.

Cell phone video showed a bloodied Rodriguez on the ground while Jones can be seen wielding a brick in the photo snapped by the witness. KCBS reported that Jones accused Rodriguez of knocking into her young daughter as he walked down the street.

Rodriguez was reportedly visiting Willowbrook from Mexico at the time. The witness who took photos and video reportedly claimed Jones yelled “Go back to your country!” at Rodriguez while she assaulted him.

Last year’s incident wasn’t prosecuted as a hate crime. Initially an attempted murder case, authorities dropped the charges as the negotiated a plea deal.

Rodriguez, who now lives in Willowbrook, told KCBS that he thought Jones’ punishment was too harsh, as he thought she should’ve only gotten a two- or three-year sentence.

“Everyone makes mistakes, and we have to forgive each other because God forgives us,” he said.

[Featured image: KABC video screengrab]