BREAKING: Bella Watts walked in on killer dad Chris Watts strangling her pregnant mom Shanann Watts, lawyer says [VIDEO]

The “Dr. Phil” show has released a preview clip of an attorney for murdered mom Shanann Watts’ family, revealing new details about the August morning that Chris Watts killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters, Bella and Celeste Watts.

In a preview clip from an episode scheduled to air on Tuesday, March 5, the family attorney tells Dr. Phil that Watts told investigators in a prison interview last month that Bella, 4, walked in on Watts as he was strangling his wife Shanann. According to the lawyer’s account of the interview with investigators, Watts claimed that Shanann told him he wouldn’t see his daughters again after he confessed to having an affair and said he wanted a divorce.

At that point, Chris reportedly told investigators that he strangled Shanann.

Bella walked in and asked, “What are you doing with Mommy?,” the lawyer said.

Watts confessed to murdering his wife and two children in November, and is serving multiple life sentences at a Wisconsin prison.

Watch the preview clip here (have trouble viewing the video below? Watch Here)