First-grade teacher & family arrested: Adopted daughter was abused, shocked with stun gun after wanting her biological mom [Police]

Authorities alleged the father bound the girl with rope and shocked the tops of her feet with a stun gun, leaving scars.

A Kansas teacher and three relatives are facing criminal charges for the alleged abuse of the teacher’s adopted daughter, which authorities said began after the girl tried to contact her biological mother.

WKYT reported that the arrests of the girl’s adoptive father and mother, Ronald Patrick Stinespring, 48, and Ty Stinespring, Devon Stinespring, and Desirae Stinespring, came after a man called police early Friday claiming the girl wandered to his home. From there, they determined she had been at a remote location on Lytten Fork Road and had left that in the middle of the night.

Authorities went to the home, where an adult and juvenile sibling of the girl was also found, and arrested the four suspects. Since then, they’ve accused Ronald of using a flashlight stun gun to shock the top of the girl’s feet while she was bound with paracord rope, according to the Harrison News-Herald.

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A report obtained by the newspaper stated that the girl claimed her two other sisters were also punished. Court records alleged that the abuse started after the girl tried reconnecting with her mother in Ohio.

“The victim did have scar tissue on the top of both of her feet that was circular scar tissue,” it said.

Desirae and Ty, a teacher at Harrison East Elementary, is charged with complicity to commit criminal abuse. Devon Stinespring was charged with obstructing a governmental operation, menacing, resisting arrest, and complicity to commit criminal abuse.

Ty Stinespring, Desirae Stinespring, Devin Stinespring, and Ronald Stinespring [Police Handout]
Ronald is facing various charges, including criminal abuse, fleeing or evading police, resisting arrest, menacing, and illegal taking or possessing of deer/wild turkey.

In an email, Ty’s mother-in-law told the News-Herald that the girl fabricated the story as she believed “the police would take her to her mother.” She also said Ty taught in the area for 20 years “with no issues and has been a highly respected teacher.”

The newspaper reviewed school records and confirmed that the first-grade teacher had no complaints or suspensions in her 18 years with the Harrison Hills School District. In light of her arrest, however, superintendent Dana Snider confirmed she’s currently on leave.

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[Featured Image: Ty, Desirae, Devon, and Ronald Stinespring/Rowan County Detention Center]