Chris Watts says mistress Nichol Kessinger LIED to police, knew he was married — and that he hopes she isn’t writing to him in prison under a fake identity

Convicted family annihilator Chris Watts told investigators that the woman he was having an affair with at the time of his wife and daughters’ murders was aware he was married when they became involved.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Nichol Kessinger told the Denver Post in an interview published in November that she had been in a relationship with Watts since the late spring, but that she believed he and his wife Shanann Watts were separated and in the process of divorcing. Discovery documents released by the Weld County District Attorney’s office later that month showed that Kessinger made the same claim to investigators, adding that she did not know Shanann was pregnant until she saw the media coverage of Shanann and her daughters’ disappearance.

“He lied about everything,” Kessinger told the Denver Post.

In a February interview with investigators at a Wisconsin prison where Watts is serving multiple life sentences, Watts admitted that he concealed Shanann’s pregnancy from Kessinger, but that she knew from the start he was married. He told investigators that Kessinger, who worked with him at Anadarko Petroleum, asked to see his phone as they were just getting to know each other, and saw a photo of Shanann on his phone’s lock screen.

Watts told investigator that he knew Kessinger had lied about what she knew of his marriage, claiming that she did so to “save face,” according to a transcript of the interview obtained by the Denver Post.

Watts also denied having any other affairs during his marriage, although two people, a man and a woman, each came forward late last year to say they had been involved in a sexual relationship with Watts in the year preceding the murders of his wife and two children, Bella and Celeste.

Although Watts said he never told Kessinger about the pregnancy, he did say that he was concerned she may have found out another way. He said that he deleted his Facebook account on August 8, after Kessinger told him that she had told her friends about him. He reportedly told investigators that he deleted the account because he was worried that Kessinger’s friends might look him on Facebook and learn that his wife was pregnant.

It is unclear why he was concerned about Kessinger’s friends discovering this information, and not Kessinger herself.

Watts told investigators that he felt badly about putting Kessinger in the situation he did, and that he hoped Kessinger was not writing to him in prison under an alias.

Kessinger was later terminated from her contract with Anadarko. It is not known if she is currently still living in Colorado.