Accused killer Patrick Frazee in contact with ANOTHER mystery woman in Idaho who lives near last known location of Kelsey Berreth’s phone — 10 minutes after it last pinged

The man accused of murdering missing mother Kelsey Berreth spoke to a woman in Idaho who lives near the location where Berreth’s phone last pinged, three days after she was last seen alive.

Patrick Frazee was arrested for Berreth’s murder in December, and another Idaho woman, Krystal Lee Kenney, pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence. As part of the terms of her plea deal, she will testify against Frazee at his murder trial. As CrimeOnline previously reported, she also gave investigators information indicating that Frazee murdered Berreth in her Woodland Park, Colorado, home on November 22 — before demanding that Kenney travel to Colorado to clean up the bloody crime scene.

As first reported by the Daily Mail, search warrants released last week by the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office show that Frazee received an incoming call from an Idaho number on November 25. According to the documents obtained by CrimeOnline, Frazee received an incoming call at around 5:30 p.m. that day, shortly after he placed a call to Berreth’s number. The documents show that investigators suspect Frazee was falsely creating communications between his phone and Berreth’s to suggest that she was still alive.

The woman who is registered to the phone number that called Frazee was identified in the documents, but CrimeOnline has chosen not to identify her at this time because she has not been named a person of interest in the investigation. Authorities wrote in the affidavit that she lives about 10 miles from Malad Gorge State Park, where Berreth’s phone last pinged — about 10 minutes before the woman called him. According to the Daily Mail, the woman has worked in the medical field. Kenney was a nurse in Twin Falls, Idaho, until she was placed on administrative leave earlier this year.

According to the search warrants, Frazee was “in frequent contact” with the number connected with the second Idaho woman.

Authorities have not said whether Berreth’s cell phone has been found. Investigators are currently searching a landfill in Colorado for evidence of Berreth’s remains.