Family of Shannan Watts say they couldn’t say goodbye or cremate Bella and Celeste because their bodies were ‘flammable’

“They would have blown up a building,” Frank Rcuzek told Dr. Phil.

The family of murdered mother Shanann Watts revealed more about the tragic, horrific circumstances of the deaths of Shanann and her daughters Bella and Celeste in an appearance on the “Dr. Phil” show this week.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Sandra Rzucek, Frank Rzucek, and their son Frankie Rzucek sat down with Dr. Phil this week to discuss the grisly, detailed confession Chris Watts gave investigators in a prison interview last month that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation released to the media.

In the confession, the first time that Watts had shared details about how he killed his daughters, the confessed killer admitted that he drove Bella and Celeste, with their mother’s dead body in the car, to an oil field where he buried Shanann and smothered or strangled both little girls to death, before dumping their bodies into oil tanks. Watts admitted that 4-year-old Bella witnessed her sister’s murder and the disposal of her body before asking her father if he would do the same thing to her. Watts said Bella’s last words were “Daddy, no!”

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The Rzuceks told Dr. Phil that the family was not able to cremate the remains of he girls because of the time they had spent in the oil tanks.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Frank Rzucek said that his family had gotten permission from the Watts family to bury Bella and Celeste with Shanann, but that they were never able to see the girls after their deaths because they had been immersed in oil for days before their bodies were found.

” …The hardest thing was flying them here, because they were in crude oil for four days. So they were flammable. So we couldn’t cremate them. They would have blown up a building,” Rzucek said on the show.

“They had to have a bigger coffin and then they had to seal it with a certain wrap, so the gasses wouldn’t leak out. That’s pretty sad, isn’t it? So we three here never got to say good-bye to our family or see them.”

In the below video, the heartbroken family tells Dr. Phil about when they first learned the little girls were found:

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