Friday Crime Stories: JUSTICE! Beauty queen teacher Tara Grinstead murdered, body burned on pecan farm – inside the trial of Bo Dukes

More than 13 years after Tara Grinstead vanished from her Georgia home, the first trial related to her murder is conducted. Bo Dukes, the man who admitted he helped his friend, Ryan Duke, burned the beauty queen and teacher’s body in a pecan orchard, was in a courtroom to face justice.

Nancy Grace looks at the trial with a panel of experts including Dr. Maurice Godwin, the forensic psychologist and private detective whose work was crucial to solving the case, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan — author of “Blood Beneath My Feet,” Atlanta lawyer and juvenile judge Ashley Willcott, psychologist Caryn Stark, and Crime Stories reporter Robyn Walensky. Private investigator Vincent Hill also joins Nancy from the Wilcox County courthouse.

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[Feature Photo: Tara Grinstead, Bo Dukes/Police Handout]