Fake heiress holds up court because of a wardrobe issue – after hiring a stylist for her trial

The woman accused of scamming investors and friends out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by pretending to be a wealthy heiress held up a Manhattan courtroom Friday morning because she wasn’t happy with her outfit.

The New York Post reports that Anna Sorokin, who masqueraded through Manhattan under the name Anna Delvey, said in court that she wasn’t feeling well — but it turns out the issue was more about her clothes not fitting well.

As the New York Post previously, the young woman dubbed the “Soho Drifter” paid an ‘associate’ to ask as a stylist, and help her put together courtroom looks for her trial on multiple charges of grand larceny and attempted grand larceny. She reportedly didn’t like the look of her prison attire, and told the stylist to buy $200 worth of clothes at H&M.

But on Friday morning, Sorokin arrived to the courtroom complaining that she wasn’t feeling well. The judge then sent Sorokin and her lawyer to a holding cell to discuss the situation, and the lawyer returned to report that his client said she felt nauseated and also had “logistical issues with her clothes.”

“She didn’t want to appear in Rikers clothes. Her clothes were dirty and not pressed,” the lawyer reportedly said.

Justice Diane Kiesel was unmoved.

“This is a trial. She has an inordinate concern about her clothing,” the judge said, according to the New York Post, and told Sorokin she had to return to the courtroom by 11:30 a.m.

Sorokin is accused of skipping out on luxury hotel bills and falsifying her financial assets in order to secure high-figure loans for a Manhattan real estate project that never materialized.

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[Feature image: Anna Sorokin/AP Photo by Richard Drew]