Hampton Inn manager asked clerk if he wanted to have sex with children, animals—then tried to force an exorcism on him: Lawsuit

A Kentucky man has filed a lawsuit claiming that his former boss interrogated him about his sexual interests and religious beliefs, and reprimanded him for refusing to be exorcized.

According to the lawsuit obtained by WKYT, Jason Fields started working as a desk clerk at Hampton Inn in 2016. His manager, Sharon Lindon, learned that Fields was going through a divorce and reportedly said demons caused his marital issues.

Lindon is accused of providing Fields with a questionnaire which had multiple questions about religion and sex. The form reportedly asked whether he fantasized about sex with a child or animal, committed rape or incest, and if he partook in anal sex.

“Do you have lustful thoughts?” one of the questions said, according to the suit.

Fields was instructed to return the survey to Lindon before undergoing an exorcism, he said in the lawsuit. Lindon allegedly told Fields that he would have to be “cleansed” to continue working at the hotel.

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When Fields refused to give Lindon the completed form and undergo an exorcism, she changed his shift, denied days off, changed his work duties, passed him over for a raise, and threatened him with termination, according to the lawsuit.

The ex-employee also recalled three instances in which Lindon allegedly brought people from her ministry to the hotel to pray for him. Fields said the demonstration occurred in the lobby and in front of guests.

“The Plaintiff was not a willing participant in this activity and was embarrassed in front of guests and employees,” the lawsuit detailed. “Other employees actually heard the guests talking about these incidents.”

He was reportedly threatened with immediate firing if he contacted two executives with the Hampton Inn & Suites in Lexington. Fields stated that the ongoing harassment led to his resignation.

WKYT reported that Fields filed the lawsuit in Perry Circuit Court in March. In addition to Lindon, Hampton Inn and the Employee Resource Group were also listed as defendants. He’s seeking unspecified damages for emotional distress and past and future wages.

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