Employees, including wife of slain owner, return to work at North Dakota business two days after four were mysteriously killed — while the suspect remains at large

The property management company that was the site of a mysterious multiple for homicide on Monday has re-opened for business two days later.

Fox News reports that  RJR Maintenance and Management is operating on Wednesday with a police presence at the business. As CrimeOnline previously reported, four people were found dead of apparent homicide at the business on Monday morning, but police have not said how the victims died and they have not identified a suspect or found a murder weapon.

The four victims have been identified as Robert Fakler, 52, who was the owner of the business; Lois Cobb, 45; her husband, Bill Cobb, 50; and Adam Fuehrer, 42; all employees of RJR Maintenance.

Jackie Fakler, the co-owner and wife of victim Robert Fakler, was among those who returned to work on Wednesday but declined to answer reporter questions, according to Fox News.

The hasty re-opening of the business in spite of any conclusions about the multiple homicides the latest unusual turn in a mysterious case that authorities have disclosed very little about.

Even the daughter of two victims, Lois and Bill Cobb, said in an interview with the Associated Press Tuesday that she has no idea why her mother and stepfather are dead.

“I just know that it was an attack,” Miller said. “I don’t know how it happened, what it happened with. I’m left in the dark still. None of this makes any sense. All I know is my parents are gone.”