Middle school girls created ‘hit list’ detailing murder, burial plans for fellow students

Two middle school students in Avon Park, Florida, have been arrested following the discovery of a violent “hit list.”

WFLA reports that the female students were arrested on Wednesday after a teacher at Avon Park Middle School alerted authorities to a letter that allegedly targeted students at the school, describing how they would be killed and how their bodies would be buried.

NBC News reportedly obtained the arrest records, which showed that a teacher discovered the girls were “hysterical” while looking for a folder in a classroom, and reportedly expressed worry they would be arrested. The teacher reportedly found the folder, which contained handwritten notes referencing guns and a list of 9 students to be targeted in a possible murder plot.

“The plans identify the suspects would obtain firearms and use the firearms to kill the victims,” the arrest records reportedly said. “The plans further speak about the transportation of the victims’ bodies to other locations and their disposal, specifically burning and burying their bodies.’

According to NBC News, the students, both 14, are facing three counts of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and nine counts of conspiracy to commit murder. They were taken into custody at a juvenile facility in Barstow.


[Feature image: Pixabay]