Pope celebrates Easter Sunday Mass, Christians attacked

Over 200 people are dead in what appears to be a suicide bombing attack in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

The New York Post reports that seven people have been arrested in devastating, coordinated bombings at multiple locations in the capital city of Colombo. Three churches and three luxury hotels were bombed nearly simultaneously, according to the report, and explosives also ignited at at least two residences.

A law enforcement official reportedly said that at least three officers were killed in an explosion when police raided a home outside of the city.

Despite the arrests, authorities reportedly have said that no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks, and a motive remains unclear.

According to the Associated Press, Pope Francis condemned the attack during Easter Mass in Vatican City, characterizing the bombings as “cruel violence.”

“May the one who gives us his peace end the roar of arms, both in areas of conflict and in our cities, and inspire the leaders of nations to work for an end to the arms race and the troubling spread of weaponry, especially in the economically more advanced countries,” the Pope reportedly said to the congregation.

According to the latest reports, over 400 people were injured in addition to the hundreds of deaths.


[Feature image: AP Photo/Eranga Jayawardena]