Ex-boyfriend with restraining order against him secretly lived in woman’s attic for WEEKS before attacking her in her bed: Police

A woman in Pittsburgh with a restraining order against her boyfriend reportedly woke to find him standing in her bedroom — after he had been secretly living in her home for weeks, despite a restraining order.

The Daily News reports that Cary Cocuzzi, 31, was arrested this weekend after he allegedly attacked the unidentified woman in her Brighton Heights home.

The alleged victim spoke to WPXI, asking that her name not be revealed, and said that she had suspected for the previous three weeks that someone else had been in her home, where she lives with her two daughters, but tried to dismiss the clues that something was off.

“I had an intuition about it but I ignored it, I brushed it aside,” she told the news station. “I didn’t want to seem paranoid but I should have trusted my instincts because I was right.”

According to the Daily News report, the woman noticed a toilet seat had been disturbed and spotted a blanket in her basement that hadn’t been there previously.

“But what could I do?,” she reportedly said. “I can’t call the police and say there’s a blanket in my basement.”

She had previously taken out a restraining order against Cocuzzi, and told WPXI she was thankful that her daughters were not home when he appeared in her bedroom on Saturday night, and allegedly grabbed her by the face as she struggled to escape his grip. Neighbors who heard her screams reportedly called 911, and police then apprehended Cocuzzi — who allegedly admitted that he had been secretly staying at the woman’s home.

It is not yet known what charges Cocuzzi is facing, of where he is being held.


[Feature image: Pittsburgh Police Department]