Fake heiress cries in court as she’s found GUILTY of scamming bank for $22 million loan

The woman who pretended to be a rich heiress in order to scam her way to the high life is likely on her way to prison.

The New York Post reports that Anna Sorokin was found guilty of attempted grand larceny, but she was not convicted on every charge against her. The jury determined she was guilty of scamming a bank for a $22 loan to open up an arts space in New York City, though she was found not guilty of larceny charges stemming from an alleged attempt to get the same loan from a second bank.

It does not appear that Sorokin ever received the funds for the loan, but reportedly created a fraudulent financial profile in order to qualify.

Sorokin, who as CrimeOnline previously reported went by the name Anna Delvey when she lived in upscale hotels in New York City, pretending to be a wealthy heiress in order to climb the social ladder, was not convicted on charges related to an extravagant trip to Morocco that a former friend claimed cost her $70,000 when Sorokin couldn’t pay the luxury hotel bill.

As noted by the New York Post, that friend signed a $600,000 book and development deal with Simon & Schuster and HBO about the experience.

Sorokin reportedly faces up to 15 months in prison for the grand larceny conviction, though her attorney said in court that he expects Sorokin will be deported to Germany before her sentencing in early May.

The New York Post reports that Sorokin appeared to be in tears as she awaited the verdict in the New York City courtroom.


[Feature image: AP Photo/Mary Altaffer]