Days after getting restraining order, Texas mom and triathlete is murdered by abusive ex

A Texas woman was murdered by her abusive ex-boyfriend who had been the subject of a restraining order days earlier, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

According to the report, Emily (Susan) Law, 46, was discovered dead Monday inside her own home in Watauga, Texas, a Fort Worth suburb.

Law’s son, Kae Law, 25, reportedly called police Monday morning after discovering that his mother’s former boyfriend, James Freeman, was at the residence.

Officers fatally shot Freeman, 46, after he allegedly pointed a gun at them, according to the report. Authorities have not confirmed Law’s cause of death.

Less than a week before Law was killed, police had arrested Freeman on a charge of family-violence assault for choking Law multiple times. A judge reportedly issued an emergency protective order that required Freeman to stay away from her home and place of employment.

When Law’s son arrived at the home the day she was killed, he found that Freeman had inflicted damage on the woman’s car, motorcycle, bicycle and even a beloved stuffed animal.

“(Freeman) used paint remover on the bicycle and the motorcycle,” Kae Law told the newspaper. “He bent the tire rims. On the motorcycle alone the damage is $6,000. I don’t know about the car yet.”

The son, who called his mother’s killing “pure evil,” added that Freeman “made sure to do damage to anything that my mom loved and had a passion for.”

According to the report, family members and friends had offered to let Susan Law stay with them, but she opted to remain at her house because she said she needed to train for an upcoming Ironman Triathlon.

Law reportedly dated Freeman for several months last year. Her son told the news outlet that Freeman had a history of being abusive toward her.

On the night that Freeman was arrested for domestic violence, Law alleged that he had awoken her yelling about messages on her phone. Law reportedly told officers that she was no longer dating Freeman and that they were just housemates living in separate rooms.

Since the killing, Kae Law has said he plans to run an Ironman race next year as a tribute to his mother.

“My mom’s trainer was very hurt by this and she has agreed to train me so I’ll be ready for next year,” Kae Law said. “I’m going to get her bike fixed and ride it in the race in her honor. It’s something that I want to do.”


[Feature image: Susan Law/Facebook]