‘This is our parent rights being stomped all over’: Mom, dad lose custody of cancer-stricken little boy [Officials]

A Florida judge placed a 3-year-old boy battling leukemia with his maternal grandparents amid allegations that his parents stopped his chemotherapy treatments and took him to Kentucky.

Hillsborough County police accused Joshua McAdams, 27, and Taylor Bland-Ball, 22, of seeking natural remedies for their son’s acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Last Monday, authorities in Florida issued an endangered child alert for Noah McAdams—which resulted in the pair apprehension in Georgetown, Kentucky, hours later, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

On Thursday, the court awarded custody to Noah’s maternal grandparents, while a judge decides how the toddler’s cancer will be treated and whether his parents were within their rights to discontinue his chemotherapy. The boy’s currently hospitalized and will stay with his grandparents upon his release, the news outlet reported.

UPDATE: The three-year-old boy has been found in Kentucky. He is in need of medical attention, but safe. Thank you to…

Posted by Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office on Monday, April 29, 2019


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The Times reported that Noah was diagnosed with leukemia on April 4, after his parents took him to the doctors because he was acting sluggish. The boy’s father testified that they were treating the 3-year-old with CBD oil, fresh foods, and clean alkaline water.

The pair told the judge that they initially were fine with him undergoing chemotherapy treatments, but became concerned with the quality of care he was receiving and decided to get a second opinion.

We busted on out of that hospital – with no cancer cells left to spare 🙏🙏🙏Thank you to all those that sent gifts,…

Posted by Taylor Bland on Tuesday, April 16, 2019


“We were not trying to run from the case, there was nothing that we were trying to hide, we’re just trying to seek the best opinion for our son,” Bland-Ball said.

“We basically just feel like this is our parent rights being stomped all over.”

According to WFTS, the family said Noah’s cancer is currently in remission, with his mother saying she spoke with the hospital Thursday and they told her his blood work was good.

The parents’ lawyers said they still intend to get their son treatment, just not chemotherapy. They claimed they were en route to Ohio to seek alternative treatments for the toddler.

Meanwhile, state officials found the toddler’s life is still in jeopardy and deemed chemo a life-saving medical treatment.

Amid their ongoing legal battle, the couple is reportedly being investigated for medical neglect after allegedly skipping a mandatory medical appointment.

Meanwhile, the Florida Freedom Alliance—a group who asserted that Noah’s forced cancer treatment is unconstitutional—has reportedly raised more than $16,000 for the parents’ medical and legal expenses.

I just want to clear something up. People keep saying its normal for Noah to be in remission at this point, after a 10…

Posted by Taylor Bland on Friday, May 3, 2019


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[Featured image: Joshua McAdams, Noah McAdams, and Taylor Bland-Ball/Facebook]