Predator spared jail time after forcing captive anorexic girl to have sex for food is now living NEAR HIGH SCHOOL

A Georgia man who admitted to sexually abusing a North Carolina girl and holding her captive for more than a year was reportedly spotted near a high school days after he was spared from prison.

Per the Daily Mail, Michael Wysolovski, 33, lives with his mother at her Atlanta suburb home—located 330 yards from a high school and just as close to an elementary school. Though he’s banned from communicating with minors, probation officers reportedly said he’s within his rights to live with his mother.

The 15-year-old victim had met Wysolovski on an online forum for people with anorexia. The victim, who has Asperger’s, had left behind a diary revealing her intentions to run away with an older man who she met online, according to local reports.

The missing teen had vanished from her Charlotte home in May 2016. In June 2017, a Facebook tip led authorities to Wysolovski’s home in Duluth, where he was holding the starved 17-year-old captive.

Late last month, Wysolovski pleaded guilty to first-degree cruelty to children and interstate interference with custody. In exchange, he was ordered to register as a sex offender and was sentenced to 10 years, with eight months of that time to be spent in jail and the remainder to be spent on probation. Since Wysolovski spent eight months behind bars before receiving bond in February 2018, he was credited with time served could immediately start probation.

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Prosecutor Michael DeTardo said the victim and Wysolovski had initially entered into a consensual BDSM relationship but Wysolovski eventually ignored safe words and used “excessive force,” according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

DeTardo said the victim, who is anorexic, originally invited Wysolovski to monitor her eating habits in an effort to lose weight. However, he ultimately used food to punish the girl or force her to perform sexual acts, the prosecutor said.

Recently, the victim’s mother told the Daily Mail said she and her husband were hesitant to greenlight the lenient plea deal offered by prosecutors but obliged because it required Wysolovski to register as a sex offender.

“Even if it means less jail time we could not risk him being found not guilty and walking away from court with nobody monitoring his behavior. He would be free to claim victim after victim,” she explained to the outlet.

Alarmingly, the Mail reported that prosecutors offered the plea deal despite a slew of witnesses offering to testify about Wysolovski’s depraved, abusive sexual tendencies.

One of those people was reportedly his ex-girlfriend, who alleged in court documents that Wysolovski mentioned wanting to put minor girls in his car trunk and take them to his basement. The woman also claimed she was beaten and raped throughout their relationship, according to the Mail.

Another person who came forward was reportedly woman who claimed they caught him viewing child pornography. These women were said to have not alerted authorities at the time.

DeTardo went on to explain to the outlet that they didn’t want to retraumatize the teen victim to trauma by making her endure a trial.

“If I thought there was even a decent shot at putting this to trial, having him convicted on one of those more serious charges and getting him put in prison for 25 years to life, I would have done it, no questions asked,” the prosecutor said.

“But I didn’t want to march forward, put our victim through the stress of a trial, offer really nothing and wind up with a worse outcome, which I’m very certain would have happened.”

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[Featured image: Michael Wysolovski/Police handout]