Judge orders cancer-stricken toddler boy to restart chemotherapy as his parents fight to regain custody

Noah Adams will be allowed to use ‘alternative treatments’ as he undergoes chemo

A Florida judge ruled Wednesday that a 3-year-old boy with leukemia must restart chemotherapy, days after his parents allegedly stopped the mandatory treatments and fled with him to Kentucky.

Speaking with BuzzFeed, the parents’ lawyer, Michael Minardi, confirmed that a judge ordered Noah McAdams to “continue with the first phase of chemotherapy” despite his parents’ objections. However, the toddler is allowed to use “alternative treatments” while undergoing this round of chemo, Minardi said.

WFTS noted that the toddler will undergo 28 days of chemotherapy and that he’s already considered to be on day 15 of treatment. He has already completed two treatments.

“The best thing about this ruling is she didn’t chart the course for 3½ years,” Minardi told the Tampa Bay Times, adding that the judge hasn’t made a ruling regarding the second and third rounds of chemotherapy. “She charted this course for the first phase of chemotherapy only and encouraged the parties to get together and talk about other possibilities.”

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The ruling comes as the boy’s parents, Joshua McAdams, 27, and Taylor Bland-Ball, 22, fight to regain custody of their son. Last Thursday, the judge awarded custody of Noah to his maternal grandparents as he underwent treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Hillsborough County police issued an endangered child alert Monday after the couple allegedly discontinued mandatory chemotherapy treatments and fled the state. The couple was reportedly apprehended hours later in Georgetown, Kentucky. They’re currently facing charges of medical neglect for allegedly skipping the mandatory appointment.

As the Times previously reported,  Noah was diagnosed with leukemia on April 4, after his parents took him to the doctors because he was acting sluggish. The pair claimed they were initially fine with him undergoing chemotherapy treatments, but grew concerned with the quality of care he was receiving and decided to get a second opinion. Further, the boy’s father testified that they were treating the 3-year-old with CBD oil, fresh foods, and clean alkaline water.

At the time, the family said Noah’s cancer is currently in remission, with his mother saying she spoke with the hospital last week and they told her his blood work was good. However, the state introduced two doctors who testified that Noah should immediately restart his chemotherapy treatments.

BuzzFeed reported that the parents and their attorney plan to appeal this week’s ruling.

The boy’s mother told Bay News 9, “We hope that the judge on the next case will consider allowing us to use alternative treatments exclusively.”

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[Featured image: Joshua McAdams, Noah McAdams, and Taylor Bland-Ball/Facebook]