Dad stages fake home home invasion, steals daughter’s Girl Scout cookie money & uses it to pay for erotic massage [Update]

A father in Oregon who admitted to stealing his daughter’s Girl Scout cookie sales to get an erotic massage learned his fate in court on Monday.

In a press release, the Washington County District Attorney’s Office announced that Brian Couture, 40, was ordered to serve 80 hours of community service for initiating a false report. In March, Couture staged a home invasion to conceal his theft of $740 from his daughter’s cookie sale proceeds.

KGW reported that Couture claimed the unknown assailant entered his home through a sliding door. He said a struggle ensued before the suspect took off.

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Officers said they found Couture unresponsive, leading him to be hospitalized for undisclosed injuries, according to the news station. Prosecutors said in addition to the stolen money, Couture’s laptop was also damaged in the staged home invasion.

“Investigators quickly spotted inconsistencies in Couture’s story and began to challenge his account of what happened,” they said in the release.

“Eventually, Couture admitted he falsified the report. Couture told police that he stole the money from his daughter to pay for an erotic massage and faked the robbery when he realized he couldn’t explain the missing funds.”

Couture was also fined $100 and put on probation. Restitution will be determined at a later date.

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[Featured image: Brian Couture/Washington County Sheriff’s Department]