Actor’s wife murdered, sketch just released; cops say case clouded by bigamy

Authorities in Maryland are asking for the public’s help to identify a man who fatally gunned down a woman earlier this month, WUSA-TV reports.

Bettie Jenifer, 44, was shot and killed on the evening of May 10 as she was leaving the business she owned, a temporary hiring agency, in Greenbelt, Maryland. The shooting happened in front of about 10 people, according to the Baltimore Sun.

“Somebody wanted her dead,” police spokesman George Mathews reportedly said.

According to the report, a man approached Jenifer when she was outside the company’s office building, prompting her to run across a parking lot with the suspect following. He then shot her twice, once in the upper body and once in the head.

Police on Friday released a sketch of the suspect: He is described as a middle-aged black man with black hair who wore a black, vest-like garment. He may have driven off in a blue vehicle.

“The fact that this was in broad daylight, in front of multiple witnesses, whoever did this – it didn’t seem to matter to the person who committed this crime. So, that in and of itself is extremely shocking,”  Mathews said in a statement obtained by NBC 4 Washington. 

Investigators developed the sketch based on witness accounts, according to the television station.

Police said Jenifer was married to two men at the same time. One husband was Kedrick Jenifer, a convicted cocaine dealer from the Baltimore area who was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison in 2016. The NBC 4 Washington report described Kedrick as a known drug kingpin.

Kenrick Jenifer sought a divorce on April 9, with Bettie Jenifer cross-filing for divorce the following week.

Bettie Jenifer also married Chris Attoh, an actor from Ghana, in October.

Investigators say they have not identified a motive for the murder, but they do not believe it was a random act.

“Our investigators do not believe this was random. It was very brazen – it happened in broad daylight in front of multiple witnesses,” the police spokesman said, according to The Guardian newspaper in Nigeria.

Anyone with information about the murder is urged to call the Greenbelt Police Department at 240-542-2134.

[Feature image: Suspect sketch; Greenbelt Police Department/Bettie Jenifer and Chris Attoh; Facebook]