‘I had no part in Caylee’s death’: Tot Mom Casey Anthony movie is coming

Florida woman Casey Anthony is reportedly making a movie about her life, detailing her wild days of partying and her eventual murder trial acquittal.

DailyMail spoke exclusively with 33-year-old Anthony, who said the upcoming movie will be entitled, “As I Was Told.” The title reflects her life, Anthony said. She said she was told to “cover up” knowing that her little girl, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, had been dead for a month before she was reported missing, and did as she was told.

“Yes I drank and carried on like nothing happened. The movie is called ‘As I Was told’ because I’d done what I was told to do. I had to put on a fake persona throughout those 31 days,” Anthony told the outlet.

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According to Anthony, an unknown man, who supposedly can’t be named for legal reasons, found Caylee’s deceased body, “wet as if she had drowned.” The man allegedly told Anthony to live her “life as normal” while he took “care of it.”

Anthony said she followed the man’s advice and went about her life without reporting Caylee missing for a month.

“I should have taken reign and done what I felt I should have done no matter who it hurt. My life was in others’ hands from beginning to the end,” Anthony reportedly claimed.

Caylee Anthony
Caylee Anthony [Handout]
As CrimeOnline previously reported, Anthony is considered “one of the most hated women in America,” according to 2011 Florida Department of Corrections statement. The nickname came after the masses blamed Anthony for the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee.

For weeks in 2008, Anthony lied to police, claiming she left her little girl with a nanny who turned out to be fictional. Caylee’s remains were eventually found on December 11, 2008, buried near the Orlando home of Anthony’s parents. A jury acquitted Anthony of murder in 2011.

“It [the movie] will make it clear that I had no part in Caylee’s death as far as how she died,” Anthony said, adding that she thought Caylee died in a water accident.

“Hopefully one day people will find it in their hearts to believe that I could never do this. “

The movie will be “low-grade” and will feature many aspects of Anthony’s life, including sex scenes, drunken bar and beach nights, and a flashback of an actress portraying Anthony “looking at a pregnancy test strip.”

Further scenes include Anthony’s arrest, the public shaming her, social media bashing, and her eventual acquittal.

“I care nothing about making money from this. A real movie based on my version of true events, from when I was in my teens until my jail experience…..It would be a low-grade movie. Nothing like Paramount.”

Anthony said additional details that the public has not been privy to will be featured in the film, set to be shot in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

“Many things that no one has ever heard about will be in this movie. That no-one knows about but myself and some close friends.”

The movie is scheduled is scheduled for completion by next year.

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[Feature Photo: Casey Anthony via AP/Joshua Replogle]