Cop accused of coercing mom to perform oral sex on 1-year-old son

“In my 16 years as chief of police, I have never seen anything so disgusting and sickening in my life.”

A sheriff’s deputy is accused of coercing a Louisiana woman to perform oral sex on her infant son so she wouldn’t be arrested, the Advocate reports.

Shaderick Jones, 42, has since been fired from the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office and is being charged with first-degree rape, possession of child porn and malfeasance in office.

He is accused of forcing Iyeseha Todd, 26, to perform oral sex on her 1-year-old son, which Jones said was “his fantasy.”

Jones allegedly recorded the encounter on video and then sent it to a woman who immediately alerted law enforcement.

“In my 16 years as chief of police, I have never seen anything so disgusting and sickening in my life,” St. Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau said at a news conference.

According to the report, a two-minute video of the alleged act was recorded on Thursday afternoon. Jones reports arrived at Todd’s house wearing his uniform and in his police car around 3 p.m. to serve a traffic warrant. His shift ended at 4 p.m. and the video was recorded at 4:38 p.m.

Todd is reportedly cooperating with authorities and told investigators that she complied with Jones’ demands because she was afraid of being jailed. She said Jones told her the act “was his fantasy, according to the report.

“For someone to have that type of fantasy, he’s a sick individual. He needs help,” Ambeau said.

Jones is believed to have known that he was in trouble and took off of work Friday, claiming he had a family emergency. Police arrested him later that day at 11 p.m. He was promptly fired.

Ambeau has inquired about the possibility of pursuing federal charges against Jones and Todd in the case, which he said is the worst he has ever seen.

“I have 30 years of experience,” Ambeau said. “This is at the top of the list for the worst case. I have never witnessed something so disgusting — it’s sickening to your stomach to see.”

Ambeau suspects there are other victims and is urging people with information to come forward.

The victim’s grandmother is now caring for him.

Both Jones and Todd are being held without bond.