Monday CRIME Stories: Missing Nursing Student Mackenzie Lueck: Foul stench leads to burned human remains & torture chamber plans?

Mackenzie Lueck’s remains are found in a burn pit behind a home near the park where she disappears. The man who lives there denies knowing the college student.

Wife of Mackenzie Lueck murder suspect went into hiding after he cut her with a knife, was too afraid to have sex with him: Report

Nancy Grace and her panel of experts look at how complaints of a foul odor by neighbors and cell phone data lead to the discovery. On the panel today: telecommunications expert Ben Levitan, Forensics Professor Joseph Scott Morgan, Psychologist Caryn Stark, Prosecutor Wendy Patrick, Search and Rescue expert Toney Wade, and reporter Dave Mack.

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[Feature Photo: Mackenzie Lueck/Handout]