Mackenzie Lueck murder suspect was banned from University of Utah

More details are emerging about the man accused of killing University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck, as a judge has extended the deadline to file formal charges against him.

The Salt Lake City Tribune obtained documents showing that Ayoola Ajayi, who was once enrolled at the University of Utah, was barred from campus following a theft investigation.

According to the campus police documents, Ajayi was taken into Cache County jail in July 2012 on suspicion that he used a stolen iPad to search for a green card marriage. Because Ajayi, who is a Nigerian national, had overstayed his visa at that time, the local authorities alerted the Nigerian consulate and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, a woman who was married to Ajayi told the Daily Mail that she went into hiding after he became threatening when she refused to move with her children to Utah from Texas. According to the Salt Lake Tribune report, the campus police found that Ajayi had used a stolen iPad to access the internet, and visited dating sites saying that he was searching for “a female as a prospect to marry to keep from being deported,” even though he was still legally married at the time.

The report states that it does not appear that Ajayi was charged with any crimes connected to the incident at the University of Utah, but campus officials warned him in a letter obtained by the Salt Lake City Tribune that he could not visit school grounds without a security escort.

“This letter is to inform you that if you feel you need to visit our campus,, you must first contact the Utah State University Police Department and have them escort you on and off campus,” Eric R. Olsen, associate vice president for student services, reportedly wrote in the letter dated August 2, 2012.

“If you violate this mandate, you will be cited for trespassing and will face additional legal consequences.”

The Salt Lake City Tribune also reports that a state court judge granted a request from Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill to extend the standard 72-hour hold before a suspect in custody must be formally charged. The prosecutor’s office now has additional week to file charges, and Ajayi will remain in jail during this time.