‘Zombie-obsessed’ murder suspect accused of decapitating man over casino winnings talked about eating victim’s brain: Report

A Montana man accused of beheading a casino winner allegedly talked about eating the victim’s brain and may have an “obsession with zombies,” the Billings Gazette reports.

Donald Ray Cherry, 32, is charged with killing Myron Wesley Knight, 41, after Knight won $120 from a casino in October 2017.

Cherry’s co-defendant, Jeffrey Glen Haverty, pleaded guilty last month to deliberate homicide in connection with Knight’s killing, according to the report.

Haverty reportedly told police that Cherry had discussed eating Knight’s brain after decapitating him. Cherry’s girlfriend, whom authorities have identified only as Z.W., confirmed this claim for authorities and said her boyfriend “has a fascination/obsession with zombies,” according to court records obtained by the news outlet.

Cherry is now charged with attempting to intimidate Z.W. after allegedly telling her that her memory of the incident was incorrect.

During a jail visit in January, Cherry allegedly told his girlfriend, “I know you don’t remember right” and then winked, court documents state.

Cherry had been showing Z.W. an affidavit and then pointed to a paragraph containing her statement to police in which she said both men killed Knight.

“The only thing that makes a witness is there’s two people saying the same thing,” Cherry is accused of saying. “So as long as we say the same thing, then that’s all that matters, OK?”

Knight was likely still alive when Cherry and Haverty began cutting off his head, medical examiner Dr. Robert Kurtzman reportedly determined. Knight’s head was found about 30 feet away from his body in November 2017.

Knight told casino staff he feared Cherry and Haverty would rob him, so he gave his winnings to the casino to hold. Knight had just $6 on him at the time he was attacked.

All three men smoked meth after they left the casino, according to Cherry’s testimony. He now faces life in prison.


[Feature image: Jeffrey Glen Haverty; Donald Ray Cherry/Yellowstone County Detention Facility]