Recent college grad raped and murdered after birthday celebration, body found in car set on fire: Report

A recent college grad was allegedly carjacked, sexually assaulted and murdered after celebrating her birthday earlier this week, KTVT-TV reports.

The body of Sara Hudson, 22, was found in a burning sports utility vehicle in Dallas on Monday.

She died after being shot in the head, although smoke inhalation was also a contributing factor, the Dallas Medical Examiner told the news station.

Authorities on Thursday arrested Glen Richter, 49, in connection with Hudson’s death.

Surveillance cameras reportedly captured Hudson leaving her SUV only be to be approached by Richter and forced back into the vehicle.

Fingerprints from the vehicle’s doors matched Richter’s.

Sources told the television station that Richter carjacked Hudson at gunpoint and then brought her to an ATM. Investigators believe she was sexually assaulted, as she was found just partially clothed, before Richter shot her.

Hudson graduated recently from the University of Arkansas and had celebrated her birthday the same evening she was attacked, according to the report.

Hudson’s family members told the television station they are devastated. Her aunt, Angela Aragon, said: “I want to know what evil entered into her life. What cut this brilliant girl’s career and life so short? Never did she wake up on that day think that this would be her last day on earth. Whoever preyed upon her they preyed upon a beautiful human being.”

Hudson’s family released a statement addressing the tragic death:

“We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all who have so lovingly surrounded us at this time of loss and sadness. The thoughts and prayers of so many have touched us more than we can ever express. Our thanks and appreciation go out to Detective Frank Serra, the members of the Dallas Police Department’s Homicide Unit, and the larger Department for working so tirelessly and diligently for Sara and our family.

This is an unspeakable tragedy. Sara was a young women of immense talent and immeasurable potential. She was beloved by all who knew her and deeply touched everyone she met. The world is a more precious place because of her and sadder now without her. While her amazing potential may be lost, we have much to learn from how Sara lived each day based on hope, love, and kindness. We miss her and will love her always.

We have the utmost trust and confidence in the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. There is no doubt that they, along with the Dallas Police Department and Detective Serra, will continue to seek and find justice for Sara. At this time, we will focus on healing, the grief we have, and living with this senseless tragedy.”

Mourners have placed a heart-shaped ring of roses at the scene of Hudson’s death.

Richter is reportedly being held in jail on a capital murder charge and $1 million bond.

According to the television station, the suspect worked as a Lyft driver. Uber driver Kathy McNeel said several weeks ago, Richter stared at her for more than 30 minutes while they both were at the airport waiting to pick up passengers in separate vehicles.

“He sat there with a glare staring at me,” McNeel told the news station, adding that Richter was so focused on her that he tripped on the curb.

“I think I could have been one of his victims,” she said.