Bucks County Murders: Cousin who helped kill three young men, burn them in pig roaster went for cheesesteak after triple homicide

A Pennsylvania man who helped kill and bury three men on a farm will spend the rest of his life behind bars or be put to death, USA TODAY reports.

A jury on Friday convicted Sean Kratz, 22, of murder and manslaughter after deliberating for almost 18 hours.

According to the report, Kratz had rejected a plea deal in the case that would have sentenced him to at least 59 years in prison on charges of third-degree murder.

One other man has already been sentenced for his involvement in the crimes. Kratz’s cousin, Cosmo DiNardo, 22, took a plea deal and was sentenced to life in prison. Authorities said DiNardo was the leader in the killings.

Kratz and DiNardo admitted to investigators that they were responsible for the grisly killings on DiNardo’s 90-acre farm. The victims were Dean Finocchiaro, 19, Tom Meo, 21, and Mark Sturgis, 22.

The deaths reportedly occurred as part of a drug deal. DiNardo admitted to police that Finocchiaro was planning to buy a quarter-pound of marijuana at a price of $700. Prosecutors told the jury that Kratz shot Finocchiaro in the head and also acted as a lookout for when DiNardo shot Sturgis and Meo.

The bodies of the victims were later put in a pig roaster, burned and then buried in a 12-foot hole on the remote farm, according to the report.

Kratz and DiNardo went out to eat after the killings, dining on cheesesteaks.

DiNardo also pleaded guilty to murdering Jimi Patrick, 19, in an earlier encounter that involved marijuana.

Kratz was convicted of first-degree murder and second-degree murder for killing Finocchiaro, voluntary manslaughter for playing a role in the murder of the other two victims, as well as robbery.

Jurors will next decide whether to give Kratz a life sentence or impose the death penalty, a process that is scheduled to start Monday.

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[Feature image: Sean Kratz]