‘Gun man, In house’: Boston doctor’s desperate text to friend before he and fiancee are brutally murdered

Jurors in the trial of a man accused of killing two Boston doctors in their high rise apartment in 2017 heard on Monday the 911 calls the couple made before their deaths as the third day of Bampumim Teixeira’s trial got under way.

On Friday, a friend of Dr. Richard Field and his fiancee, Dr. Lina Bolanos, testified about a series of text messages he received from Field, which he said he didn’t see for until about 30 minutes after they were sent because his phone was in his pocket on silent.

The messages sent to Matthias Heidenreich read: “Call 111. Gun man. In house. Pls. Nw. Eriou. Erious. Serious.” Heidenreich said he texted back “911?” and then called emergency dispatch when he didn’t hear back. He and his girlfriend rushed over to the Macallen highrise where Field and Bolanos lived and where police were already on scene. Then he heard gunshots.

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Heidenreich’s testimony was similar to that of another friend who also received an emergency text from Field. Fabiana Fagundes, testifying on Monday, said she called 911 and headed to the building with her boyfriend, where she, too, heard gunshots.

Police had arrived at the building, responding to multiple 911 calls, some from the victims. Field tried to call five times, but only one went through as the caller either hung up or was disconnected on the other four.

On Monday, jurors heard two calls placed to 911 from Field’s phone. In the first, Amanda Gibbs, Bolanos’ godmother, confirmed the identity of the voice struggling to speak. “That was Lina’s voice,’’ she said.

No voice responded to the operator in the second call.

Jurors were also shown surveillance video of Bolanos arriving at the apartment building just before 5 p.m. on May 5, 2017.

Prosecutors say that Teixeira, who worked at the posh complex prior to 2016, had spent months planning to rob the couple. They say he ambushed them as they arrived home, Field a couple of hours after Bolanos, In opening statements last week, they said he brought knives, duct tape, hand cuffs, and pliers, and was found with a bag containing some of Bolanos’ jewelry. Teixeira was shot by police when they found him in the building, and he was arraigned at the hospital.

When police gained access to the apartment at about 9 p.m., they found Field and Bolanos dead of multiple stab wounds.

The trial will continue on Tuesday.

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