Ring hacker

Friday Crime Stories: EVIL VOICE TERRORIZES 8-year-old girl in her pink bedroom through NANNY CAM! Hear Mommy!

A Mississippi mother says someone hacked into her Ring camera and spied on her young daughter. She’s now warning other parents about the dangers of the security camera.

Ashley LeMay says that whoever hacked into her Ring system not only watched her young daughter in her bedroom but also talked to the girl.

Joining Nancy Grace to discuss the case:

  • Ashley LeMay: Mother of daughter scared by Ring hack
  • Ben Levitan: Telecommunications Expert
  • Dr. Daniel Bober: Forensic Psychiatrist
  • John Cardillo: Host of “America Talks Live” on Newsmax TV, Former NYPD Officer
  • Levi Page: CrimeOnline Reporter

LISTEN TO CREEPY VOICE LURING 8-year-old girl through bedroom nanny-cam

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[Feature Photo: Ring security footage screenshot]