Megan Fieramusca and Heidi Broussard

Slain mom Heidi Broussard’s mother ‘was uneasy’ with suspect; Baby found at suspect’s home is ‘happy and healthy’

The baby found at the Houston home where Heidi Broussard was found murdered and stuffed into the trunk of a car is “fine, happy and healthy,” a spokeswoman with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) said on Monday.

Tiffani Butler of DFPS told ABC 13 that the results of a DNA test will determine if the baby is Margot Carey, the newborn who disappeared at the same time as her mother, Heidi Broussard.

Broussard’s “bestie,” Magen Fieramusca — who lived in the home where the baby and Broussard’s body were found — has been charged with kidnapping and tampering. Law enforcement has said that Fieramusca insists that the baby is hers.

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Investigators, however, believe Fieramusca was passing Broussard’s baby off as her own. She had at least two baby registries with a December 1 due date; Broussard’s baby was born in late November.

Broussard and Fiermusca met decades ago in church camp, as CrimeOnline previously reported, and became close. But at least one person was uneasy with the friendship: Heidi’s mother, Tammy Broussard.

“But the thing is, I was uneasy with her, and I had (been) from the beginning of her friendship with Heidi,” Tammy Broussard told ABC 13. “She was supposedly Heidi’s friend for a long time. Heidi had so many friends. Everybody loved her. We thought Magen loved her too. But evidently that wasn’t the case. She wanted Margot, is what she wanted.”

If what prosecutors believe is true, Fieramusca went to elaborate lengths to present herself as pregnant. The attorney who represented her in a recently ended 2018 theft case said that she appeared to be “very pregnant” when he last saw her in early November.

“I know that’s a weird thing to say,” Eric Devlin said. “You either are pregnant or you’re not. She appeared to be very far along.”

Authorities have found no other baby, and video taken at Broussard’s Austin apartment show her getting into Fieramusca’s car, with baby Margot, on December 12, the day she disappeared.

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[Feature Photo: Magen Rose Fieramusca, Heidi Broussard/Police Handout]