Randy Volar and Chrystul Kizer

Wednesday Crime Stories: Teen girl shoots abusive sex trafficker, burns home, claims self-defense

A Wisconsin teen is facing life behind bars after a judge says that sex trafficking is not a reason to kill someone.

Chrystul Kizer, now 19, was 16 when she met Randy Volar, 34. According to police, Volar sexually abused numerous young girls without their consent while filming them. Kizer says the man sexually abused her as well and made her perform unwanted sexual acts.

In February 2018, Kizer allegedly shot Volar twice in the head then set his home on fire.

Joining Nancy Grace to discuss:

  • Ashley Willcott: Judge and trial attorney, Anchor on Court TV
  • James Shelnutt: 27 years Atlanta Metro Major Case detective, SWAT Officer (RET) Attorney
  • Karen Smith: Forensics Expert, Bare Bones Consulting
  • Tim Gallagher: Medical Examiner for the State of Florida
  • Dr. Daniel Bober: Forensic Psychiatrist
  • Levi Page: Investigative reporter, CrimeOnline.com


Teen girl faces life in prison for killing a man she says raped her, forced her into sex trafficking: Report

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[Feature Photo: Randy Volar & Chrystul Kizer/Police Handout]