Helene Pruszynski

Friday Crime Stories: Ambitious radio intern abducted from bus stop, viciously raped and murdered. Who killed Helene Pruszynski?

Genealogical databases and DNA from a beer mug led Colorado police to a Florida trucker, accused of raping and killing 21-year-old radio station intern, Helene Pruszynski.

Police believe Pruszynski was grabbed while walking from a bus stop in Englewood. James Curtis Clanton, 61, was is accused of raping Helene, stabbing her to death, then leaving her body in a field.

Joining Nancy Grace to discuss:

  • Mark Tate: Represents Chatham County, South Carolina; suing Opioid Manufacturers
  • Bruce Johnson: Owner if ISP Investigations, Master Sgt Region One Crime Scene Commander, Chicago metro area (ret)
  • Dr. Caryn Stark: Psychologist
  • Dr. Katherine Maloney: Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Erie County Medical Examiner’s Office, Buffalo, New York.
  • Levi Page: Investigative reporter, CrimeOnline.com


Beer mug brings an end to 40-year rape, murder investigation

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[Feature Photo: Helene Pruszynski/Handout]