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Evelyn Boswell: Grandfather says ex-boyfriend of missing Tennessee tot’s mother gave ‘stolen’ BMW as a gift

The great grandfather of a missing Tennessee toddler is disputing car theft charges against his daughter, Angela Boswell, who was arrested last month while in a BMW that was being sought in connection with the child’s disappearance.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Evelyn’s maternal grandmother, Angela, was arrested last month in North Carolina after police found her and her boyfriend, William McCloud, inside a grey BMW that been reported stolen. Authorities previously released information about the BMW after they said it may be connected to Evelyn’s disappearance.

Evelyn was last seen around December 10 or December 11. She was not reported missing until around two months later, according to the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department in Tennessee.

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Although investigators did not find Evelyn in the vehicle, both Angela Boswell and McCloud were arrested for theft and extradited back to Tennessee.

Angela Boswell’s father now says that the car was never stolen.

“The day that my daughter received the car, Hunter Wood sat in our living room and told my wife and I that he was giving Angela the car so she would have a way to take the kids to the doctor,” Evelyn’s great-grandfather, Jones, told News 5.

Hunter Wood is the former boyfriend of Evelyn’s mother, Megan “Maggie” Boswell. Wood previously told the News 11 that he had only dated Maggie Boswell for a few weeks and that he had never met Evelyn in person.

The car, however, doesn’t legally belong to Hunter Wood. Online records list Wood’s mother, Melissa Wood, as the legal owner of the BMW.

Angela Boswell said during a court hearing that she never knew the vehicle was reported stolen. She added that it was a gift from her daughter (Maggie Boswell). McCloud said during his court hearing that Maggie Boswell paid the for car and gave it to her mother.

Police, however, said that Maggie Boswell never paid for the car or signed any paperwork.

While it’s unclear at this time who is telling the truth about the vehicle, TBI spokesperson Leslie Earhart said that focus should remain on finding Evelyn.

“We want them to focus on helping us find Evelyn. It does not matter what one family member said as opposed to what another family member said we just need information about Evelyn.”

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Timeline of Evelyn’s Disappearance

Since the beginning, Evelyn’s disappearance has been clouded in confusion. Sullivan County authorities said the case is complicated, but vow to continue searching until they find the missing tot.

February 18

  • Sullivan County authorities opened up an investigation in Evelyn’s disappearance after her grandfather, Tommy Boswell Sr., reportedly called the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services to report the child missing.
  • Authorities initially said the case did not meet the criteria for an AMBER Alert. Later that evening, they confirmed the criteria had been met and issued the alert.

February 19

  • The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) announced that “certain family members” claimed they hadn’t seen Evelyn since around Christmas, 2019.
  • Authorities said that Evelyn’s parents, Maggie Boswell and Ethan Perry, are involved in the investigation. Neither parent has been named a suspect.

February 20 

  • Maggie’s former boyfriend, Hunter Wood, told News 5 that he has never seen or met Evelyn. He said he had only dated Boswell for a few weeks in December 2019.
  • Wood claimed that Maggie Boswell told him that the baby was in Louisiana with her father for Christmas. Law enforcement has not confirmed the accuracy of the statement.

February 21

  • Sheriff Cassidy said during a press conference that the child was actually last seen on December 10 and 11, by a babysitter. He added that Maggie Boswell gave numerous conflicting statements.
  • Cassidy announced that authorities were looking for people in a 2007 grey BMW; he said police wanted to talk to individuals in connection with Evelyn.
  • Cassidy, along with several businesses, donated money to a reward fund to help find Evelyn.
  • Cassidy added that he thinks Evelyn is alive but could be in imminent danger.
  • Hours after the news conference, Maggie Boswell told News 5 that she knew who had her baby but couldn’t reveal any names, due to an ongoing investigation.
  • Authorities arrested Maggie Boswell’s mother, Angela Boswell, and a man identified as William McCloud in North Carolina. Both were found inside a stolen grey BMW and charged with theft.
  • Tommy Boswell Sr. told News Channel 11 that he donated $10,000 to Evelyn’s reward fund; he confirmed that he called DCS and reported Evelyn missing.
  • Boswell Sr. said he last saw Evelyn during Thanksgiving, 2019.

February 24

  • Angela Boswell and William McCloud appear in a North Carolina courtroom and agreed to extradition back to Tennessee.
  • Both Angela Boswell and McCloud told a judge they had no idea the BMW had been reported stolen. Angela Boswell said she thought the car was a gift from her daughter.
  • Online court records indicate that the BMW belongs to Wood’s mother.
  • Both Angela Boswell and William McCloud said they had no idea where Evelyn was. They denied having the child with them.
  • Angela Boswell said she is ready to return to Tennessee and “resolve this issue.”
  • Maggie Boswell told News Channel 11 that her mother took Evelyn to a silver camper, at a campground in Mendota, Virginia; she claimed authorities were not taking her seriously.
  • Sullivan County authorities reportedly confirmed to News Channel 11 that investigators searched several different campgrounds in Mendota and could not find Evelyn.
  • “I was trying to protect my mom, maybe in hopes, ‘Oh well, she just tell them were Evelyn was,’ but obviously she’s not going to,” Maggie Boswell said, explaining why she didn’t report her daughter missing.

February 25 

  • Maggie Boswell revealed to News Channel 11 that authorities would not let her take a polygraph test because she’s pregnant.
  • The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office stated that they “do not use polygraph,” according to News Channel 3 in Memphis.
  • Sullivan County authorities arrest Maggie Boswell for giving false statements that hindered the investigation.

February 26

  • Authorities search a pond in North Carolina for Evelyn but find nothing.

February 28

  • The reward fund for information leading to the safe return of Evelyn reaches over $60,000.
  • Tips lead investigators to the Lakeshore RV Park in Sullivan County, which reportedly belongs to Tommy Boswell, Sr. It’s unclear, what was found in connection to the toddler’s disappearance.
  • Zachary Warfield, who lives in one of the mobile homes on the property, told WJHL that investigators spent about 15 to 20 minutes at his trailer, where they dug in a spot of “some soft ground” and beneath the trailer. He said they removed something from underneath the trailer, putting it into a brown bag and carting it away.
  • A Kentucky Fried Chicken employee says that she served Evelyn, her grandmother Angela Boswell, and the grandmother’s boyfriend, William McCloud, two to three weeks ago. Police did not confirm the accuracy of the sighting.

March 2 

  • Maggie Boswell remains in jail after a judge denies a bond reduction request. She remains behind bars on a $25,000 bond.

March 3 

  • Sullivan County authorities announce that certain family members are “aggravated” that police keep asking them questions and searching their property.
  • “We just want to find Evelyn and that’s our main concern, top priority and it seems like they’ve gotten aggravated at us for checking areas or asking questions and that doesn’t make much sense to me,” Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy told News Channel 11.

March 4 

  • Angela Boswell appears for a court hearing on car theft. She says the issue is “nothing more than a civil matter.”
  • Evelyn’s reward fund reaches over $70,000.

Evelyn is described as a white female with blue eyes and blonde hair. She weighs around 28 pounds and stands 2-feet tall.  She was last seen wearing pink shoes, a pink tracksuit, and a pink bow.

Anyone with information on Evelyn is urged to contact the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office at 423-279-7330 or the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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[Feature Photo: Evelyn Boswell/TBI]