Jeffrey Epstein’s jailhouse companion says pedophile was NOT depressed before suicide

An inmate assigned as Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide watch “companion” has claimed the convicted pedophile was not depressed before he committed suicide.

As the New York Post reports, Bill Mersey, 69, appeared on Fox Nation documentary “The Final Hours of Jeffrey Epstein”  and said he had been paired with Epstein at the Manhattan Correctional Center to monitor his behavior, saying that he volunteered for the campus program to help break the monotony of incarceration. Mersey said he would spend “hours at a time” with Epstein, taking notes every 15 minutes, and insisted he didn’t seem depressed.

“He was not depressed,” Mersey said in the documentary, according to the New York Post.

“Although I would have conversations with him and every so often where he’d sort of drift off, and I’d go, ‘Ah, he’s thinking about the s–tstorm he’s in the middle of.’”

Although Mersey says Epstein didn’t seem suicidal, he also said it wouldn’t have been impossible for him to hang himself in his cell, despite widespread skepticism about Epstein’s official cause of death.

“He had enough space to hang himself. The bunk beds get pretty high, so you could rig something up and you could kill yourself,” Mersey said.

Epstein was facing federal sex trafficking charges when he took his own life in August.


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