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WATCH: Woman upset with ‘7 days in lockdown’ arrested for swimming at hotel pool during coronavirus quarantine [Police]

A woman was arrested this week for violating a coronavirus quarantine while she was swimming in a hotel pool, the New York Post reports.

The incident – at Paradise Park Hotel in Tenerife, Spain – was captured on video by other hotel guests, who did not feel any sympathy for the swimming scofflaw.

A woman off-screen can be heard commenting, “She’ll get arrested. “She don’t want to get arrested out here. I’ll tell ya, they don’t treat you very lightly.”

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The swimmer complained about having to spend “seven days in lockdown” and how she wanted her room upgraded.

Authorities have told tourists to remain in their hotel rooms in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

Police soon arrived at the hotel and one officer began to strip in preparation for entering the pool. Guests watching from above offered cheers.

“Well done,” one woman screamed. “She deserves that.”

The officer jumped into the pool and, after a brief chase, brought the swimmer to the side of the pool where another officer helps drag her out.

Fellow guests said staying in the hotel has not been easy.

“We’re confined to rooms during the day, which is frustrating, but we are able to go to the restaurant at meal times as usual,” James O’Neill told Jam Press. “The staff here are being really friendly. There’s not much they can do about the situation.”

The video has gone viral and has been shared across social media, according to the Daily Mail.

Violating the quarantine could have significant consequences. A British man could be jailed for up to three months after he was accused of violating quarantine, according to the Post.

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