‘Tot mom’ Casey Anthony pleads guilty to being a speed demon

Notorious Florida mom Casey Anthony is in the spotlight again, but this time she has acknowledged her guilt to authorities, the Daily Mail reports.

Anthony, who was acquitted nine years ago of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, has pleaded guilty to speeding in West Palm Beach.

Around 9:30 a.m. on January 25, a police officer reportedly clocked Anthony driving her blue 2016 Ford Escape at 69 miles per hour when the speed limit was only 50 miles per hour. The officer, who was using a radar gun, subsequently issued Anthony a speeding ticket.

Public records obtained by the news outlet show Anthony was charged $256 for the infraction and that she paid the fine on time.

It was the second recent traffic ticket for Anthony, who was also caught failing to stop at a stop sign in November 2018 in Lake Clarke Shores, a small town in Palm Beach County. Anthony initially pleaded guilty in the earlier case but then changed her plea to no contest, according to the court records. A magistrate later withheld adjudication, allowing Anthony to avoid losing any points on her driver’s license, although she did have to take driving classes and pay a $264 fine.

Anthony, 34, moved to West Palm Beach shortly after an Orlando jury in 2011 found her not guilty of murder in connection with the death of her daughter, Caylee.

Anthony is reported to have moved in with Pat McKenna, a private investigator who worked with her defense attorneys. McKenna previously had assisted O.J. Simpson’s defense team in 1995 when he was accused, and later acquitted of, double murder.

The Daily Mail reports that Anthony has worked for McKenna’s firm and that she also has attempted to find a career in photography. She has tended to remain private since the trial, but has appeared in public at area events, restaurants, bars and anti-Trump protests, according to the news outlet.

Anthony has said she is working on a movie about the death of her daughter.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy David Varone, who pulled Anthony over, did not respond to inquiries by the Daily Mail or the New York Post.

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[AP Photo/Red Huber, Pool, File]