Keaton Boggs: Officials were alerted WEEKS before abused boy was murdered by grandmom, uncle & aunt [Report]

Officials were reportedly alerted to a West Virginia boy weeks before his aunt, uncle, and grandmother murdered him.

Keaton Boggs’ grandmother, Michelle Boggs, 48, along with her daughter and son-in-law, Chasity and Peter Wodzinski, 29 and 32, are charged with his murder. Two people close to the family told The Sun that calls were made to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and its Bureau for Children and Families about the 5-year-old weeks before he died. 

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Keaton Boggs died on March 20, after doctors determined that his brain injuries were irreversible. The slain boy reportedly sustained bleeding on his brain and to his eyes, bruising all over his body, and ear trauma. Authorities also alleged he had a laceration to his penile shaft and injuries to his testicles and inner thigh.

Prosecutors claimed that Chasity Wodzinski and Michelle Boggs provided multiple explanations about the boy’s injuries, varying from him falling down the stairs to self-harm. The pair allegedly also stated he was fine before he went to sleep and that he didn’t wake up.

Michelle Boggs reportedly got custody of her grandson after the boy’s father, her son, died in June. Reports indicated that Keaton Boggs’ mother lost custody of him due to drug addiction.

[Featured image: Chasity Wodzinski, Michelle Boggs, and Peter Wodzinski/North Central Regional Jail]
The Sun reported that at least three people close to the family placed four calls to DHHS or the Bureau for Children and Families this year.

According to the news outlet, someone who spoke with DHHS about suspected abuse told the agency that Keaton Boggs claimed the bruises that covered his body were self-inflicted.

The DHHS worker reportedly asked the caller a series of questions about where the bruises were located, why Keaton Boggs had the bruises, and who was in charge of his household. The caller told The Sun that they believed Michelle Boggs managed the household, though they always saw the boy with his uncle and aunt.

Speaking with the news outlet, a friend of another caller said the agency employee they spoke with appeared to downplay the urgent matter — and “was only concerned if he was going to get shot in the head that night.”

The third caller reportedly never followed up, as they were assured that a relative was looking into the matter.

Officials are believed to have never followed up with any of the reports about Keaton Boggs’ wellbeing.

All three murder suspects remain jailed without bond. It’s not immediately known when they’re due back in court.

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