SEE IT: Chad Daybell’s son speaks about dramatic developments in ‘Cult Mom’ missing children case at property where two bodies were found

Also: A friend of the family says Tammy Daybell’s daughter was concerned about ‘pink foam’ coming from Tammy’s mouth the morning she was found dead

A YouTube personality who has been following high-profile crime cases around the country traveled to Idaho this week and reportedly spoke to two of Chad Daybell’s children about the dramatic turn of events at their home this week.

YouTuber Tyson Draper, who previously interviewed the husband of missing Colorado woman Suzanne Morphew, traveled to Salem, Idaho this week and went to the home of Chad Daybell, who is in custody in Fremont County after investigators found two sets of human remains on his property this week.

Daybell is the husband of Lori Vallow and stepfather to her two missing children, 17-year-old Tylee Ryan and 7-year-old JJ Vallow. Relatives told multiple media outlets this week that the remains found in Daybell’s yard are those of the missing children, though authorities have not yet publicly confirmed this. Local media also reported that Daybell’s adult children who still lived at the Salem home were moving out this week, though the family has reportedly said a move was already in the works before the home became a primary focus of the investigation.

Draper spoke to CrimeOnline on Friday about conversations he had with Daybell’s children on Friday. As he shared on his YouTube account, Draper spoke briefly with Garth Daybell, one of Chad’s sons, who thanked Draper for his concern and said he was grateful for the outpouring of support.

Draper said he also spoke to Emma Murray, Chad Daybell’s daughter, but did not record that conversation. CrimeOnline cannot independently verify that this conversation took place or any details that were shared. Draper said he understood from speaking to Murray, who until recently lived across the street from the Daybell home with her husband and children, that she was moving into the home with her family, and that Chad Daybell and his other children had previously planned to move out, to an unknown location.

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Chad’s former wife Tammy Daybell died of unknown causes in October, just weeks before Daybell married Vallow.  Authorities initially determined that Tammy died of natural causes but have since exhumed her body and re-opened the investigation. Authorities have not yet disclosed any conclusions from the autopsy.

A friend of Tammy Daybell’s told KSL-TV that she saw Tammy the day before she died suddenly. Mandy Fowler worked at the same elementary school where Tammy Daybell was a librarian, and said that Tammy often enthusiastically gave book recommendations. But on that last day, Tammy seemed a little different, Fowler said.

“I was coming to ask her about another book recommendation, and she was just really busy and didn’t want to talk a lot,” Fowler told the news station. “ She seemed maybe kind of frustrated, and that wasn’t typical of her.”