‘Don’t Be a Victim!’: Nancy Grace offers cybersecurity tips in her latest book

CrimeOnline’s own Nancy Grace shared some cybersecurity tips from her newest book “Don’t Be a Victim: Fighting Back Against America’s Crime Wave.”

Grace told Marie Claire that “Don’t Be a Victim” is a compilation of lessons she learned as a prosecutor and news reporter. She said the advice she offered in her latest book will help the public stay safe — on and offline.

Grace warned that the coronavirus pandemic has made people especially vulnerable to online crime. She said that it’s harder to feel people out and use discernment on the Internet, as criminals can pretend to be anyone.

“You’ve got to keep the same rules in play, the same safety precautions in place, even though you’re online more, because this is a perfect time for [hackers] to take advantage of you,” she told Marie Claire.

Grace offered the following tips for Internet users to stay secure online:

  • Safeguard your online accounts with two-step authentication
  • Give your wireless router a name that is not traceable back to you or your home
  • Secure your digital devices, don’t leave them unattended
  • Unplug baby monitors when not in use
  • Do not keep any factory settings on your devices, change settings and passwords before you start using them
  • Do not overshare details about yourself on social media; don’t disclose when you’re not home
  • Withhold personal details (e.g. phone number, address) when dating online

“Don’t Be a Victim: Fighting Back Against America’s Crime Wave” is on sale now.

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